Fazelis is an ancient port city located on the Lycian coast in Turkey. It was founded by Rhodesian colonists led by Lakios in the 7th century BC and was of strategic importance due to its three ports – southern, central and northern.

The city was conquered by the Roman Empire in the 2nd century, after which it was part of the Lycian League. The Byzantine period brought the city the title of the center of the episcopate. However, throughout its history, Fazelis suffered from pirate attacks due to the wealth of its ports.

Today, Fazelis is a popular tourist destination to learn more about the architecture and culture of the ancient era. Visitors are attracted by the remains of a fort, theater and thermal baths, as well as ancient temples and necropolises. It is also possible to hike from the town along mountain trails with scenic views of the sea and surrounding nature.