Explore the ancient city of Arykanda

The ancient city of Arykanda is a historical monument located on the Finike-Elmali highway within the village of Arif, just 30 km from Finike. Excavation, maintenance and cleaning of the town continues to this day.

The city was built on terraces in several layers and takes about an hour to explore. Arykanda is one of the most important ancient cities of the Antalya region and is a must visit.

The name Arykanda means “a place near a high rock” in Lycian language. This fact indicates that the city is one of the oldest in the region, as its name reflects the native Anatolian language.

The history of the city goes back to the 5th century BC. Arykanda was an important center of Lycia and played an important role in the economy and culture of the region. The city was built on hilly terrain, which made it possible to erect multi-storied buildings and castles on different levels. Here you will find various archaeological sites such as a theater, fountains, gymnasiums, baths and a necropolis.

Visitors to the city can enjoy not only the history, but also the beautiful views of nature and the surrounding area. The city is located in a picturesque area where you can spend time walking or picnicking.

Explore the ancient town of Arykanda to learn more about the ancient history of the region and enjoy the beauty of Turkey.

Hike to Helidonia Lighthouse – an unforgettable adventure

One of the most beautiful and exciting hiking trails in Turkey is the Helidonia Lighthouse hike. Located on the Historic Lycian Way, Helidonia Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse on the Turkish coast.

The path to Helidonia Lighthouse leads through the picturesque Mediterranean pine and sage forests that surround the area. Eventually, you will discover a stunning view of the deep blue waters that lap the coastline.

The Helidonia Lighthouse is not only a beautiful building, but also one of the most breathtaking sites in the region due to its location. A hike to the Helidonia Lighthouse is sure to be an unforgettable adventure and allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and views that Turkey has to offer.

Mira (Demre) is an ancient city with a rich heritage

Mira, also known as Demre, is an important ancient city in Turkey that has become famous for its rich heritage. Located on the slopes of a mountain, Mira is surrounded by the stunning nature of the Demre plain.

The city was founded on a hilltop next to famous rock tombs and expanded over time, extending down the slope. It was one of the six important cities of Lycia and was of considerable importance in the Middle Ages. Its history goes back to ancient times, as evidence of rock tombs and minted coins indicate that the city existed before our era, possibly as early as the 5th century BC.

A visit to Mira (Demre) provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in Turkey’s rich historical heritage. You can enjoy the unique architecture, including rock tombs, which are true works of art by ancient masters. Surrounded by beautiful nature and historical sites, Mira (Demre) attracts tourists from all over the world, offering an exciting journey back in time.

St. Nicholas Church in Demre

In the village of Demre in Turkey is the famous Church of St. Nicholas. This church is associated with the legend of St. Nicholas, the protector of sailors and children.

St. Nicholas was born in Patara near Fethiye in 245 and lived until 326. He was known for his good deeds and helping those in need. History links him to a village in Demre where a poor man with three daughters lived.

At that time, if a girl did not have a sufficient dowry, she could be sold into slavery. The three daughters had no dowry and their father had already decided to sell them into slavery. However, one day three sacks of gold were thrown through a window into their house. The sacks fell next to the shoes standing in front of the stove for drying. It is believed that St. Nicholas threw these bags of gold. This miraculous act became a tradition and children still expect gifts from St. Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus.

After St. Nicholas died, he was buried in Demre and a church was built in his honor. The Church of St. Nicholas has become a popular destination for pilgrims and tourists who want to honor this saint and learn more about his life and legacy.

The Church of St. Nicholas in Demre is a historic architectural structure with unique frescoes and icons. It is a symbol of faith and hope, and visiting it allows you to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Turkey.

Adrasan is a secluded nook on the Lycian coastline

Adrasan, also known as Çavuşköy, is a beautiful bay surrounded by pine trees located on the Lycian coast in Turkey. This place is also called the “secluded corner of paradise” due to its stunning natural beauty with sea, sand and forests.

Sazak Bay, located at the foot of Mount Musa and adjacent to Genoa Bay, is hidden behind a steep slope and is part of this corner of paradise. Together with Liar Bay, they form a magnificent trio of natural wonders. Behind the bay stretches a forested area, through which runs the forest road that leads to Adrasan. Travel in this secluded area is mainly by boat.

Sea turtles and various fish can be found in the bay, so be sure to bring your own snorkel, snorkel and flippers. Adrasan is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy nature and privacy away from the bustling city.

Akseki Cove is a secluded spot on the Mediterranean coastline

Akseki Bay is the widest bay on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, with dimensions close to Adrasan. When viewed from the sea, the right side of the bay is surrounded by low cliffs and the left side by high cliffs. There is a magnificent beach with fine fine sand, which is not found in the surrounding area.

The cove is completely surrounded by red pine trees, creating a secluded atmosphere for rest and relaxation. The fine sea sand that can be found on the beach of the cove is known for its beneficial properties for the skin, having an exfoliating effect. The beauty of Akseki Bay is like poetry, especially when the sea here is always like a sheet.

Akseki Bay is located between Olympos and Adrasan on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is a secluded place that can only be visited by boat from Adrasan, which adds even more sense of tranquility to your trip.

Korsan Bay – the hidden paradise of Antalya

Korsan Bay, also known as Pirate Bay, is located on the southern coast of Turkey, in the Antalya region. It is surrounded by dense forests of pine trees and is protected from the hustle and bustle of city life. This place is ideal for those who want to enjoy nature and privacy.

Korsan Bay is famous for its clear and bright blue waters, which change shades depending on the time of day and weather conditions. Here you can forget about your problems and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. The cove got its name due to the fact that in the past it was a place where a pirate squadron hid.

In addition to crystal clear water, the Pirate Bay is famous for its unique nature. The forests of pine trees that surround it create a special atmosphere of coziness and mystery. Here you can see a variety of flora and fauna, including many species of birds and animals.

If you want to enjoy Korsan Bay from all sides, it is recommended to take a short walk along the shore. The view of the bay is quite unusual and mesmerizing. You can also go kayaking or take a yacht cruise to enjoy the view of the bay from the sea surface.

Pirate Bay is a true paradise for nature lovers and those who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here you can enjoy the beauty of nature, spend time with family and friends, as well as engage in various types of sports and outdoor activities.

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