Mira, also known as Demre, is an important ancient city in Turkey that has become famous for its rich heritage. Located on the slopes of a mountain, Mira is surrounded by the stunning nature of the Demre plain.

The city was founded on a hilltop next to famous rock tombs and expanded over time, extending down the slope. It was one of the six important cities of Lycia and was of considerable importance in the Middle Ages. Its history goes back to ancient times, as evidence of rock tombs and minted coins indicate that the city existed before our era, possibly as early as the 5th century BC.

A visit to Mira (Demre) provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in Turkey’s rich historical heritage. You can enjoy the unique architecture, including rock tombs, which are true works of art by ancient masters. Surrounded by beautiful nature and historical sites, Mira (Demre) attracts tourists from all over the world, offering an exciting journey back in time.