Akseki Bay is the widest bay on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, with dimensions close to Adrasan. When viewed from the sea, the right side of the bay is surrounded by low cliffs and the left side by high cliffs. There is a magnificent beach with fine fine sand, which is not found in the surrounding area.

The cove is completely surrounded by red pine trees, creating a secluded atmosphere for rest and relaxation. The fine sea sand that can be found on the beach of the cove is known for its beneficial properties for the skin, having an exfoliating effect. The beauty of Akseki Bay is like poetry, especially when the sea here is always like a sheet.

Akseki Bay is located between Olympos and Adrasan on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is a secluded place that can only be visited by boat from Adrasan, which adds even more sense of tranquility to your trip.